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Polaris: New Sci-Fi Co-Op Shooter Unveiled for PC

Polaris, a new sci-fi co-op shooter, is coming to PC in 2024.

Prepare yourself for a journey, into a captivating sci fi world with Polaris, an upcoming cooperative shooter for four players created by the Polaris Team, a branch of Variable State. Scheduled for release on PC through Steam in 2024 Polaris guarantees a pumping adventure packed with thrilling battles environments that can be destroyed and an engaging narrative.

In the realm of Polaris gamers will immerse themselves in a sector of space controlled by the Regime. Taking on the roles of superpowered rebels players must unite to reclaim their home planets and dismantle every enemy stronghold standing in their way. With designed and entirely destructible settings – spanning from bustling cityscapes, to forests – players have the power to mold the battlefield while engaging in combat.

Dynamic Gameplay and Destructible Worlds

Polaris New Sci-Fi Co-Op Shooter Unveiled for PC

Polaris is designed to offer players an engaging gaming experience by blending combat mechanics, cooperative gameplay and dynamic destructible environments. Gamers will employ guerrilla tactics to reclaim their land navigating through levels demolishing enemy structures and delving into the secrets, behind the Regimes quest for domination.

A key highlight of Polaris lies in its surroundings. Every building and natural feature can be smashed, blown up or otherwise obliterated during player versus environment encounters. This interactive and ever changing battlefield introduces a level of strategy and thrill to the game.

Led by a team of developers hailing from studios like Creative Assembly Splash Damage, Ninja Theory, Rebellion Developments and Cloud Imperium the Polaris Team brings a wealth of expertise in multiplayer combat games to the forefront. The game marks a departure from Variable States works showcasing the studios adaptability and dedication to crafting player, versus environment gameplay.


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