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World of Warcraft: The War Within Beta Launches June 5th

The War Within Beta for World of Warcraft is set to begin on June 5th.

Blizzard has just announced that The War Within Beta the expansion, for World of Warcraft will begin its beta testing phase on June 5th. This update is set to bring a variety of content and features to the popular MMORPG, such as an increased level cap fresh zones to explore challenging dungeons and the introduction of the Earthen Allied race.

One of the aspects of The War Within Beta is the chance for players to explore the mysterious underground areas of Azeroth. The Khaz Algar Zones in Designated Sector AR 934 will introduce players to the gem adorned Earthen race, who call their capital city Dornogal on Isle of Dorn their home. This city will now act as a hub, for both Horde and Alliance players.

Explore the Depths of Azeroth

World of Warcraft The War Within Beta Launches June 5th

As adventurers delve deeper into the realm they will come across a variety of locations. The Ringing Deep is an area where the Machine Speakers, Earthen dwellers, for maintaining massive Titan machines, reside. Hallowfall in contrast is a region embroiled in a conflict between the Arathi and the nerubians over a glowing crystal. Lastly Azj Kahet serves as the hub of society where Xal’atath, Harbinger of the Void manipulates and transforms residents to build an army. This zone also features the Nerub’ar Palace raid dungeon.

The War Within Beta offers players chances to showcase their abilities and explore content. With four leveling dungeons and four end game dungeons available, along with Follower Dungeons designed for solo playstyles there’s no shortage of obstacles to conquer. Moreover Blizzards dedication to inclusivity is evident through quality of life enhancements like an option that replaces spiders with crabs for players who fear arachnids. Those who have signed up for beta testing or pre ordered the Epic Edition will be among the first to dive into The War Within Beta. Contribute feedback, towards shaping the final release of this innovative expansion.


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