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Openaı’s Groundbreaking Search Engine Could Disrupt The Internet

OpenAI is reportedly launching a new search engine powered by their conversational AI ChatGPT.

OpenAI is on the verge of announcing a new type of search engine that some say could challenge the dominance of incumbents. Sources indicate the company will launch their search engine powered by ChatGPT‘s question answering abilities on Monday.

Instead of simply returning links, this search engine will directly answer queries by citing passages from across the internet. ChatGPT has proven adept at finding and synthesizing information to respond to users. By applying this to search, OpenAI could offer novel advantages over traditional keyword-based systems.

How it Could Disrupt Search

Openaı's Groundbreaking Search Engine Could Disrupt The Internet

The way this search engine leverages ChatGPT’s human-like conversations has the potential to change user expectations. People may come to prefer getting direct answers instead of links if the quality is high enough. This could threaten established players that rely on click-through traffic. Whether users will actually switch remains to be seen, but OpenAI is making a bold move to reimagine how we access information online.

While details are scarce, sources say the search engine will capitalize on ChatGPT’s strengths. It purportedly answers questions by citing relevant passages, similar to other AI-powered systems. But OpenAI’s brand and the model’s track record suggesting nuanced, good faith responses could give it an edge if the experience is seamless and helpful. How search giants respond increasingly AI-powered upstarts also bears watching.


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