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Android’s Instant Hotspot Skips Samsung Devices

Instant Hotspot, Android's new seamless connection feature, won't support Samsung devices.

Android users are excitedly looking forward to the Feature Drop, which brings a range of interesting features. One of these is the Instant Hotspot feature, which allows Android tablets and Chromebooks to easily connect to a phones hotspot, with a tap. However there’s a twist; Samsung devices won’t have access to Instant Hotspot despite their presence in the Android market.

The Instant Hotspot feature, included in Google Play Services Cross Device Services module aims to simplify the process of linking Wi Fi devices to the internet using a phones data. This function is similar to Apples Continuity feature, known for its integration within its ecosystem. While Chrome OS users have already benefited from something through Instant Tethering Instant Hotspot takes it up a notch by offering support for Android tablets, from brands.

Samsung’s Exclusion: A Puzzling Decision

Android's Instant Hotspot Skips Samsung Devices

Samsungs choice to not include the Instant Hotspot feature has caught the attention of the Android community. Given Samsungs role, in the Android world it seems odd that they are not part of this feature. There are speculations that Samsung might be focusing on promoting its ecosystem by encouraging users to buy Samsung tablets for the Auto Hotspot feature in One UI.

Even though Samsung devices lack Instant Hotspot users can still share hotspots instantly with Chromebooks using the existing Instant Tethering option. Moreover Samsungs Link to Windows feature allows sharing with Windows PCs. While these alternatives offer some relief users who were expecting an Android experience across different brands may feel let down by Samsungs decision. As Android evolves and introduces features we’ll have to wait and see how this choice, by Samsung affects user experience and ecosystem integration as a whole.


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