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Sony Releases New PS5 Console Update for November 2023

Explore fresh dimensions with the new PS5 Console Update.

Excitement is buzzing within the gaming community due, to the release of the PS5 Console Update. This update, known as version 23.02 08.20.00 brings a multitude of changes that enhance aspects of the user experience.

One notable improvement in this PS5 Console Update is the music streaming functionality through the control center. Sony has redesigned the layout introducing a two column design that allows users to effortlessly navigate through categories, playlists and tracks.

Virtual Reality (VR) gamers also have something to celebrate with this update. It addresses an issue faced by PSVR2 players in which their surroundings could accidentally be broadcasted while games. Now gamers can easily prevent the cameras see through image from being displayed on their TV by accessing the PlayStation VR2 section under accessories in the PS5s settings menu and enabling the “Block See Through View on TV” option. This ensures a gaming experience.

PS5 Console Update

Additionally voice command enthusiasts are not forgotten in this PS5 Console Update. Simply asking your PS5 “What’s new?” will reveal any new features available enhancing interaction, with the console. Moreover this latest update, for the PS5 console holds significance since it is the one released since mid summer. The previous update introduced accessibility enhancements and added support for Dolby Atmos devices among features.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. In November we can expect the arrival of the PS5 Slim, which will replace the base model. This new version offers a size and a detachable disc drive making it a compact yet powerful successor.

However it’s not all sailing. A recent controversy has emerged on media regarding the need for an internet connection to pair the Slim with a disc drive. Images of its box posted online have raised questions about whether internet dependency could pose challenges during the transition to this model. By combining features with a glimpse into what lies this PS5 Console Update demonstrates Sonys unwavering dedication to enhancing gaming experiences, for its community.


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