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OpenAI’s ‘Sky’ Voice Resembles Scarlett Johansson, Study Finds

OpenAI's 'Sky' voice model closely resembles Scarlett Johansson's voice.

A recent study conducted by NPR revealed a discovery, by Arizona State University researchers. They found a resemblance between OpenAIs ‘Sky’ voice model and the voice of the known actress Scarlett Johansson. According to Professor Visar Berisha the analysis indicated that Johanssons voice shares similarities with Sky than 98% of the 600 actresses included in the study.

Utilizing AI technology the research team compared Skys voice to a range of actresses. While Johanssons voice consistently showed a connection, to OpenAIs creation the models also highlighted Anne Hathaway and Keri Russell as having voices more closely resembling that of Sky.

Vocal Characteristics and Differences

OpenAI's 'Sky' Voice Resembles Scarlett Johansson, Study Finds

Despite the resemblances Professor Berisha pointed out that Johanssons voice although very similar is probably not the same, as Skys. The analysis indicated that if Sky had a tract it would closely match Johanssons in length. However the OpenAI model displayed a pitch and more expressiveness compared to the actress while Johanssons voice was noted for its slightly breathier quality.

The intricate nature of the AI models utilized in the research presents challenges in pinpointing the vocal similarities and distinctions identified by the algorithms. OpenAI has not officially commented on these findings with CEO Sam Altman and CTO Mira Murati refuting any attempt to replicate Johanssons voice with Sky. As technology advances the line between human like voices becomes increasingly blurred, sparking both intrigue and ethical discussions, within the tech industry.


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