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Nintendo Switch 2: Anticipated September 2024 Launch with Dual Models

Nintendo Switch 2: Set for a grand September 2024 debut.

The gaming community is abuzz, with excitement as rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 gain traction. There’s speculation that this anticipated console will hit the market sometime in the half of 2024 offering gamers not just one, but two different models to choose from.

Recently a Discord user named SoldierDelta has shared some information about the Nintendo Switch 2. They suggest a targeted release date of September 24th 2024 for this console, which has been internally referred to as NG.

While September seems to be a month to keep an eye on there are also murmurs about a November 2024 launch date that could serve as a temporary placeholder.

Nintendo Switch 2

According to these rumors gamers can expect two versions of the Nintendo Switch 2. The standard edition is rumored to have a price tag of $449 US dollars while there might also be a variant available at around $400 US dollars.

It’s important to approach these revelations from SoldierDelta with caution even though they have been accurate in the past.

However the idea of a September 2024 release seems plausible considering the whispers about a marketing campaign planned between June and August 2024 in preparation, for the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2.

At the moment there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2. We haven’t received any announcements yet. Gamers, from around the world are anxiously waiting for information, about this exciting next generation console. Make sure to stay connected so you don’t miss out on any updates!


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