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Microsoft Store Gets a Major Speed Boost with Latest Update

The latest Microsoft Store update reduces loading times by up to 40%.

The recent update, on Windows 11’s Microsoft Store has significantly enhanced its speed cutting down loading times by up to 40%. This update has streamlined the background processes reducing the time taken for tasks like browsing product pages and making purchases within the Microsoft Store.

Previously users faced frustration due to the performance of the Microsoft Store. Loading app listings. Accessing the buy button used to be a process. This hindered users when searching for software or making purchases. The latest update tackles these issues by optimizing functions.

Upon opening the updated Microsoft Store for the time users will immediately notice improvements. Of a splash screen appearing during launch the interface now loads directly. Product pages also load around 40% faster on average. The buy or install buttons now appear 1.5 times quicker, than before. These yet significant enhancements contribute to an more seamless shopping experience.

How to Get the Speed Boost

Microsoft Store

The latest update not improves browsing but also enhances various common activities, on the Microsoft Store. Tasks like checking for app updates and accessing library content have become faster and smoother. The checkout process has also been optimized to speed up entitlement and licensing procedures resulting in a digital marketplace experience that caters to all users whether they are occasional visitors or regulars.

Upgrading to the version is a breeze. Just launch the Microsoft Store. Click on “Get updates” from the sidebar menu. The app will automatically. Install the release, which is currently being rolled out widely. With loading times reduced by half users can expect speeds when exploring the offerings or acquiring new software, for Windows 11 in the Microsoft Store. This update underscores Microsofts dedication to enhancing performance wherever feasible.


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