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Make The Most Of Mega Heracross Raid Day With These Tips

Join other Trainers this April for a special Mega Heracross Raid Day in Pokémon GO.

Trainers, mark your calendars for an exciting Mega Heracross Raid Day coming to Pokémon GO on April 13th! Niantic has announced special bonuses to help you power up your Bug-Fighting collection. From 2-5pm local time, Mega Heracross will be appearing in raids worldwide.

Be sure to gather your fellow Pokémon masters, as working together will yield the best rewards. Not only will the daily Remote Raid Pass limit be increased to 20 passes, but you’ll also receive up to 5 passes for spinning gyms. Purchase an event ticket for extra perks like 8 bonus passes, higher catch rates, and double XP/Stardust from raids.

Tips for Toppling Mega Heracross

Mega Heracross Raid Day

When facing off against Mega Heracross make sure your team includes Flying, Fairy, Fire or Psychic types to effectively deal damage. Rayquaza and Ho Oh are choices, for this battle. Don’t overlook Mega Evolutions. Using a Mega Altaria can boost Dragon/Fairy attackers on your team. Bring your Pokémon with Combat Points (CP) and focus on swift victories to earn extra Premier Balls for catching Heracross once you win the raid.

After emerging victorious from the raid remember to utilize items such as Razz Berries, Curveballs and the assistance of a Buddy Pokémon when capturing Heracross. Each Heracross caught is valuable, for enhancing your collection. With practice and patience you’ll be able to catch them all during this Mega Heracross Raid Day! Prepare yourself for an event that you won’t want to miss out on.


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