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Complete the Pokemon Go Bagon Community Day Special Research for Huge Rewards

Earn a Shelgon and Salamence by completing the Special Research.

Trainers mark your calendars! Pokemon Go Bagon Community Day is returning on April 7th, 2024 and it’s the perfect opportunity to add the Dragon type powerhouse Salamence to your roster. In addition to increased Bagon spawns and an exclusive move for Shelgon evolutions, Niantic has revealed a Special Research lineup with amazing rewards to unlock.

The Special Research is split into four steps with different tasks at each stage such as catching Bagon, powering up Pokemon, and evolving Shelgon. By completing easy objectives like making nice throws and transfers, players will earn encounters with Bagon and Shelgon, XP, stardust, and items. But the real prizes are still to come deeper in the quest.

Step into the Third Stage for a Big Catch

Pokemon Go Bagon Community Day

Reaching the third step of the research upgrades the rewards even further. In addition to more balls, berries and encounters, evolving a Shelgon here will net a massive 50 Bagon candy bonus. But the biggest catch is yet to come – finish this section to receive an encounter with a Shelgon, perfect for evolving into Salamence later in the day.

The climactic fourth step saves the best for last. Claiming the final set of rewards awards players with 15 Ultra Balls, another special Bagon encounter, and a whopping two Silver Pinap Berries. But the crown jewel is an encounter with a powerful Salamence that knows the Community Day exclusive move Outrage when evolved. Any Trainer would be thrilled to add this Dragon/Flying powerhouse to their roster.


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