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Marvel Rivals: Release Window Revealed for Upcoming Hero Brawler

The closed beta is scheduled to begin on May 10th.

NetEase Games has shared an update, about Marvel Rivals, the arena brawler, including details about an upcoming closed beta test and the expected release timeframe. Fans have been eagerly awaiting information on this multiplayer game that will feature heroes from the Marvel universe.

The developer mentioned that Marvel Rivals is aiming for a 2025 launch without a confirmed release date. For those to try out the game early a closed beta test is set for May. This beta will allow players to engage in 6v6 hero battles with 12 characters such as Black Panther, Spider Man and Magneto.

The closed beta is scheduled to begin on May 10th. Although priority access is given to press and content creators NetEase has hinted at opportunities for additional players to join through giveaways, on social media. Participants who registered earlier for the beta test should keep an eye out for an email containing installation instructions. An invite if selected.

What to Expect in the Marvel Rivals Closed Beta

Marvel Rivals Release Window Revealed for Upcoming Hero Brawler

The upcoming beta, for Marvel Rivals will give players their taste of whats to come. Its set to include core 6v6 multiplayer modes on maps with a choice of 12 Marvel heroes categorized into damage dealers, tanks and support characters. This lineup provides a glimpse of the roster planned for the game release.

NetEase has announced that the closed beta won’t have any NDA restrictions allowing participants to freely share their experiences, gameplay videos and feedback publicly. This open approach aims to help the development team identify and address any issues before the game officially launches year. Marvel Rivals appears to be making progress. This beta offers an exciting sneak peek at what this hero brawler has, in store when it debuts in early 2025.


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