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Intel XeSS SDK Brings Major Performance Boost for Gamers

Intel XeSS SDK toolkit enables higher resolution scaling for significantly boosted frame rates in games.

The latest update to Intel XeSS SDK promises to take gaming to new heights with significantly improved frame rates and visual quality. Version 1.3 of the upscaling toolkit introduces several new presets that allow for higher resolution scaling while maintaining clarity.

According to Intel, the new AI models that power Intel XeSS SDK reconstruct details better and provide enhanced anti-aliasing. This results in clearer, sharper images with less ghosting and more stability over time. Early testing shows an average 10% boost in frames per second (FPS) when using Intel XeSS SDK on Intel Arc A750 graphics cards. Performance gains of 8% have also been observed in demanding, cinematic titles.

Maximizing Resolution While Minimizing Loss of Quality

Intel XeSS SDK

To make the most of Intel XeSS SDK’s superior reconstruction abilities, developers can select from new presets like Ultra Performance and Ultra Quality Plus. Ultra Performance is said to triple resolution scaling for a massive visual upgrade. Meanwhile, Ultra Quality Plus offers a more modest 1.3x boost but aims to preserve native-like sharpness and precision. A Native Anti-Aliasing preset has also been added, using Intel XeSS SDK solely for intelligent anti-aliasing at native resolution.

The latest version of Intel XeSS SDK allows gamers to enjoy higher resolutions and higher framerates without noticeable dips in visuals. Early adopters like those using Intel Arc graphics are already reaping the benefits. As integration continues across major titles, the Intel XeSS SDK promises to enhance the experience for PC gamers everywhere. Developers can download the new 1.3 update now from Intel to bring these advances to their own games.


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