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How to Master the New Discord Polls Feature in 4 Simple Steps

Create professional Discord polls in your servers with these steps.

Discord, one of the most popular messaging platforms for gamers and communities, has just rolled out a new feature that is sure to shake things up – Discord polls! After years of users requesting the ability to run quick surveys and votes directly in chats and channels, Discord has finally answered with a simple yet powerful polling tool.

With Discord polls, server owners and moderators can now pose questions to their members and get immediate results without any messy reactions or external polling sites. It’s the perfect way to settle debates, get feedback on ideas, or even run fun contests and polls just for fun. The feature is rolling out now across Discord, so here are 4 easy steps to start using Discord polls yourself.

How to Create a Discord Poll

Discord Polls Feature

To create a Discord poll, open any channel where you have permissions to send messages. Click the plus icon and select “Poll” from the menu. Enter your poll question and 2-10 possible responses. You can also add emojis for each option. Then set the duration before the poll closes.

Once your Discord poll is all set up, click “Post” and your members can immediately start voting! The results will update in real-time so you always know the pulse of your community. Discord polls provide a fun new way to engage everyone and get their input right where the conversations are already happening. Start putting this new feature to use in your servers today.


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