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Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight: Konami’s Classics Make a Comeback

Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight: 2024's Retro Revival

The gaming world is buzzing with excitement as Konami announces the return of two iconic titles: Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight. Set to be released in 2024 these beloved classics will be accessible, in both digital formats. The collection of Felix the Cat comprises the versions for NES and Game Boy while Rocket Knight Adventures; Re Sparked combines Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster; Rocket Knight Adventures 2 and Sparkster. Enthusiastic fans can anticipate the arrival of these titles, on PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch; however the precise release dates are still unknown.

The re-release of Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight is more than just a trip down memory lane. These games are getting upgraded with enhancements such, as save states thanks to technology and some special tricks, from Felix himself. Limited Run Games plans to launch copies of Felix the Cat including both Standard and Classic versions. The Classic edition, priced at $64.99 will come with a CD soundtrack, a poster, NES style packaging and the regular game disc.

Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight: Special Editions Galore

Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight

Rocket Knight Adventures; Re Sparked offers fans three editions to choose from. Standard, Classic and Ultimate. The Classic edition is priced at $64.99. Includes a CD soundtrack, reversible poster, steel book and retro packaging. For those looking for something the Ultimate edition priced at $134.99 includes all the goodies, from the Classic edition along, with a Sparkster statuette, comic book, design document collection, mini cartridge display case and a certificate of authenticity. These editions are truly a collectors dream as they combine nostalgia with collectibles.

Konami’s plans extend beyond just Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight. Another collection is set to be unveiled on February 24, hinting at more retro revivals. These re releases aren’t replicas; they’ve been enhanced with features to cater to the demands of todays gaming world. Rocket Knight Adventures; Re Sparked will include a brand animated introduction, a rewind function, for convenience an exciting Boss Rush mode and even a Museum mode packed with content. It’s the blend of timeless charm and contemporary gaming experience.

Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight represent more than just games; they’re a bridge between generations of gamers. Konami is bringing back their classics in 2024 not to relive cherished moments but also to introduce these timeless adventures to a whole new generation of fans.


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