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Nine Years Later, Fans Continue Uncovering Hidden Gems in The Witcher 3

xLetralis shares how to find an obscure The Witcher 3 Easter egg.

Nearly a decade after its original 2015 release, dedicated fans of The Witcher 3 continue peeling back layers of its vast open world to uncover even the most obscure of secrets tucked away within. In the latest discovery, YouTuber xLetralis shared a video revealing an Easter egg so challenging to find that it had eluded players all this time.

Hidden underneath the sprawling city of Novigrad, the Easter egg depicts an image of a soldier from the fictional kingdom of Temeria pointing at the viewer like a recruitment poster. The caption reads “CDPR needs you” in reference to the game’s developer CD Projekt Red. To find this secret, extreme measures must be taken involving clipping through walls using console commands given its otherwise inaccessible location.

Pushing the Boundaries to Find What Lies Beneath

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 stands out as a top tier open world RPG known for its attention to detail in every aspect of its landscapes and cities. Since its release, in 2015 players have been captivated by the challenge of exploring every nook and cranny using methods to uncover treasures. Some secrets may take years to unearth underscoring the enduring charm and replay value of The Witcher 3s world.

With a growing community of modders it appears that The Witcher 3 will continue to offer endless opportunities for exploration in the years ahead. As players like xLetralis push boundaries and discover what was once deemed unattainable the games concealed depths promise to unveil surprises that solidify its reputation, among RPG enthusiasts.


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