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Destiny 3 Leak Sets The Community Ablaze With Details Of The Mysterious “Payback”

The leaker claims Destiny 3 codenamed "Payback" will revolutionize character progression.

A Destiny 3 leak has got the community in a frenzy after a known leaker shared potential details about Bungie’s next entry in the acclaimed looter shooter series. The Reddit user, who accurately forecasted details about the new Prismatic subclass months before its reveal at The Final Shape showcase, claims Destiny 3 is in development under the codename “Payback”.

If legit, the leak provides the first substantive hints about what players can expect from the inevitable Destiny 3. Most intriguing is the claim that “Payback” will do away with the traditional subclass system entirely. This lines up with Bungie’s statements that Prismatic represents an “advanced” take on subclasses that hints at their eventual evolution.

What Does The End Of Subclasses Mean For Character Progression?

Destiny 3 Leak

Without dedicated subclasses, Destiny 3 would need to reimagine how Guardians customize their abilities and builds. The informant indicates that “Payback” extends Prismatics strategy to an extent. This might involve real time blending of abilities or a fresh branching advancement that offers complexity and diversity. It is bound to impact the meta in ways.

Of course, with no official word from Bungie, this Destiny 3 leak must still be taken with a grain of salt. The leakers established history of accuracy adds legitimacy sparking speculation, within the community regarding the franchises future. It remains to be seen if “Payback” is truly, in the works but the prospect of groundbreaking advancements is truly thrilling to ponder.


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