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Apple’s WWDC 2024: Software Takes Center Stage

WWDC 2024 rumored to focus solely on software updates and previews.

Excitement is mounting for Apples Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024) where rumors hint at a change, in the events format. Of the mix of software and hardware announcements insiders suggest that this year will focus mainly on software updates and previews.

Renowned Apple reporter Mark Gurman has revealed that WWDC 2024 will kick off on June 10 shining the spotlight on the companys next gen operating systems. Attendees and viewers can look forward to the debut of iOS 18 along with enhancements to iPadOS, watchOS, visionOS and macOS. Gurman highlights that iOS 18 is internally viewed as an upgrade, in iPhone history while the Vision Pro headset is set to receive its significant software update since its launch.

Hardware Announcements Unlikely at WWDC 2024

Apple's WWDC 2024 Software Takes Center Stage

Notably missing from the rumored lineup are any mentions of hardware products. Unlike WWDC 2023 which unveiled the Mac Studio, Mac Pro and the powerful M2 Ultra chipset this years event might focus on software advancements. It is suggested that unless Apple surprises everyone with a sneak peek of a device hardware announcements are unlikely to be part of the plan.

The shift, towards emphasizing software could be due to reasons. With launches, like the M4 iPad Pro models and the M3 powered MacBook Pro lineup Apple might be prioritizing resources towards improving its software ecosystem. Furthermore the introduction of Apple Vision Pro has introduced a platform that demands attention and developmental efforts.


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