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Xbox Game Pass June 2024: Octopath Traveler and More

Xbox Game Pass June 2024 brings Octopath Traveler, The Callisto Protocol, and more.

Microsoft has announced the additions, to Xbox Game Pass June 2024. It looks like an exciting month ahead for subscribers. The lineup includes some surprises like Square Enixs Octopath Traveler series, the sci fi horror game The Callisto Protocol and the immersive first person shooter Still Wakes the Deep.

One standout addition is the arrival of both Octopath Traveler and its sequel on Xbox Game Pass June 2024. The original game, known for its visuals and unique turn based combat system is now available, on Cloud, Console and PC starting today, June 6. Additionally Octopath Traveler 2 previously released on platforms year is making its debut on Xbox with a new update included. Players can enjoy it on Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Diverse Genres and Day-One Launches

Xbox Game Pass June 2024 Octopath Traveler and More

The Xbox Game Pass June 2024 lineup offers a range of games to suit gaming preferences. Depersonalization, a story driven RPG inspired by Call of Cthulhu will be available on PC starting June 12. On the day Isonzo, a World War 1 first person shooter set on the Italian Front will be accessible on Cloud, Console and PC platforms.

Fans of horror games can anticipate The Callisto Protocol coming to Cloud, Console and PC on June 13. This game serves as a successor to Dead Space. Promises intense and gore filled gameplay. Another horror game titled Still Wakes the Deep is set in an oil rig off the Scottish coast and will be launched as part of Xbox Game Pass offerings for June 2024 on June 18 for Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X|S.

As the month unfolds Microsoft is likely to unveil more titles joining the Xbox Game Pass June 2024 lineup possibly during the upcoming Xbox showcase scheduled for June 9. With a mix of JRPGs, thrilling horror adventures and immersive first person shooters kicking off the months offerings Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to an exciting gaming experience, in the weeks ahead.


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