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Unlocking Super Mario Wonder Tips

Master Super Mario Wonder Tips for ultimate gameplay!

In the mesmerizing realm of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the level known as “Countdown to Drop Down” poses an exhilarating test, for the experienced players. With its chasms and precarious platforms every step becomes absolutely vital. But with the right Super Mario Wonder Tips, you can navigate this level like a pro.

The countdown platforms, in this level have quite a reputation. When their timer reaches zero they suddenly drop down which could cause Mario to fall through the clouds. Making things more challenging there are Lakitus who can make the countdown go faster by throwing spinies onto the platforms. But fear not! With our Super Mario Wonder Tips, you’ll know exactly how to snag every flower coin and Wonder Seed without taking a tumble.

Flower Coins Tips

Super Mario Wonder Tips

After you come across the two melon piranha plants keep an eye out for the pipes. One of them will take you to a countdown platform where you can find the 10 flower coin. Move quickly!

In the section, with floating flowers use the bricks to aim at the moving blue flower. This will create a cloud platform that leads up to the 10 flower coin in the sky.

As you make your way, along the path of moving countdown platforms pay attention to those marked with number two. Below them you’ll discover the 10 flower coin. You can. Use these platforms. Take control of a Lakitus cloud to reach it.

Wonder Seeds Tips

Super Mario Wonder Tips

To obtain the Wonder Seeds you’ll usually have to take control of a Lakitus cloud. When Mario transforms into an elephant he can deflect spinies back at Lakitu, which makes him vulnerable and easier to hit.

The initial Wonder Seed is cleverly concealed beneath pipes that line the path of the moving platform. Utilize a Lakitus cloud to reach it. Enough you’ll find yourself skydiving alongside cloud enemies.

After traversing through the clouds your efforts will be rewarded with the Wonder Seed as you reach the end of the level.

With these Super Mario Wonder Tips, you’re set to master “Countdown to Drop Down” and impress your friends with your gaming prowess!


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