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Ubisoft Deletes Fan’s Favorite The Crew Without Warning

Ubisoft shocks fans by deleting popular racing game The Crew.

The Crew has been a fan racing game, in Ubisofts collection since it was first released in 2014 attracting a global player base of over 12 million. Fans embraced the thrill of racing through an open world rendition of America in The Crew. However on April 1st, 2024 Ubisoft shocked many by deciding to close the games servers making this online title unplayable.

The surprises didn’t end there. Reports quickly emerged that Ubisoft had taken steps by removing The Crew from players Ubisoft game libraries. Upset and bewildered fans expressed their frustration on media sharing screenshots displaying the games absence from their accounts along with error messages indicating they no longer had access, to it.

Why Delete A Beloved Game?

The Crew

The sudden removal of The Crew, from players accounts left many puzzled. Some believed it was an attempt to stop players from creating servers while others thought it might be related to licensing or legal issues. Regardless of the cause the lack of communication from Ubisoft added to the frustration of fans who had enjoyed The Crew for years.

While shutting down servers for a game is common in the gaming industry forcibly removing the game from accounts crossed a line for many players. Ubisofts silence and apparent disregard for the time and money fans invested in the game was disheartening. Given Ubisofts emphasis on community engagement their handling of The Crews closure seemed out of touch with player sentiment. It remains to be seen how this incident will affect sales and trust, among disappointed fans who once cherished The Crew.


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