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The Wolf Among Us 2 Returns to the Fore with First New Look in Over a Year

Telltale shares first look at The Wolf Among Us 2 in over a year.

Fans who have eagerly awaited the sequel, to Telltales 2013 game, The Wolf Among Us have been on quite a journey. The developer recently confirmed that The Wolf Among Us 2 is still in progress. In a move Telltale shared four new images from the games current development stage on Twitter. This update brought relief to the community following delays and uncertainties about the games future.

Again players will step into the shoes of Bigby Wolf as he delves into a mystery within the world of fairy tale characters residing in Fabletown. The dark and atmospheric visuals and narrative driven gameplay that captured audiences in the installment are set to make a comeback. Telltale reassured fans that their focus has been, on delivering on their promise to continue Bigbys story for quite some time.

A Glimpse into Fabletown’s Future

The Wolf Among Us 2

The upcoming game, The Wolf Among Us 2 plans to take players to the streets of Fabletown offering a mature storyline that stays true to its origins. Although no specific release date was mentioned Telltale confirmed that development is actively progressing in the background. For now these initial glimpses will have to suffice for fans to know more, about the adventures of their beloved Fables characters.

The four screenshots unveiled by Telltale give a sneak peek into the settings, characters and artistic style that players can anticipate in The Wolf Among Us 2. Fabletown seems as gritty and worn down as ever with one image depicting Bigby investigating a litter filled alleyway. Iconic characters like Snow White and Toad also make appearances sporting updated looks that maintain the noir vibe. Through these teasers Telltale aims to reassure fans that their ambitious sequel is, in progress while keeping most of the story under wraps.


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