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The Stardew Valley Update 1.6 Introduces a Mandatory Honeymoon Period

A new Stardew Valley update forces spouses to enjoy their first week of marriage instead of moping in bed all day.

The next major Stardew Valley update promises to overhaul the experience of getting married in the game. Creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has revealed the 1.6 patch will introduce a mandatory 7-day honeymoon period for newlywed couples. This is aimed at preventing NPC spouses from spending their first week of marriage feeling upset and staying in bed all day.

Currently, it’s possible for married villagers to lay about in their marital bed feeling sorry for themselves due to low happiness. But the Stardew Valley update will enforce a week-long honeymoon where spouses are compelled to enjoy newlywed bliss. During this time, they will be unable to mope in bed and waste the first precious days of marriage on sulking.

How Will The Honeymoon Period Work?

Stardew Valley Update

Not many details have been shared about how exactly the honeymoon period will function. It seems NPC spouses will be temporarily barred from entering an “upset” state that causes them to laze in bed. Perhaps their happiness will also get an artificial boost for the week. In any case, the goal is to ensure players get the most out of the first Stardew Valley update after saying “I do” rather than finding a depressed partner.

Other upcoming changes in the 1.6 patch include improvements to tree-chopping and combat. But the mandatory honeymoon has sparked the most interest from fans. Only time will tell if it achieves the desired effect of more upbeat newlyweds. The Stardew Valley update promises to bring both quality of life tweaks and exciting new features to the beloved farming simulation game.


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