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Starbreeze Points to Third-Party for Payday 3 Matchmaking Woes

Starbreeze cites partner for Payday 3 server glitches.

Payday 3 Matchmaking troubles have been a significant concern for players, and developer Starbreeze has finally shed light on the root cause. The issues, with the server and matchmaking in the heist focused shooter are connected to adjustments made by a matchmaking partner.” Starbreeze, considering the instability is now contemplating collaborating with a partner for the online aspects of Payday 3.

Ever since its launch on September 21 Payday 3 has been plagued by problems ranging from unstable servers to poor game performance. The status of the games servers has been inconsistent leading to frustration, among players who either struggle to join matches or experience waiting times. Starbreeze has identified the root cause of these problems as modifications made by a third party associate.

The Payday 3 Matchmaking system didn’t operate as anticipated. Starbreeze provided details explaining that the matchmaking software encountered an error. This error caused difficulties, in managing the influx of players resulting in a situation for their third party matchmaking partner.

Payday 3 Matchmaking

Although they gradually implemented a version of the matchmaking server software to enhance performance an update from their partner reintroduced instability. The partner is actively working to address and stabilize the system for Payday 3.

Given these challenges Starbreeze is now re evaluating their strategy. Their immediate priority is to enhance the player experience. Looking ahead they are considering partnering with a matchmaking provider. Aiming to reduce Payday 3s reliance on online services ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

Tobias Sjögren, CEO of Starbreeze expressed disappointment over the difficulties faced by Payday 3 players. He acknowledged the task, in rebuilding trust within the community.

For players still engaged with Payday 3 it is recommended to explore heists and equip themselves with top notch weapons for missions.


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