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PlayStation Games Coming to GOG!

Discover the latest PlayStation games coming to GOG.

In a move that has thrilled gamers worldwide, GOG has unveiled that some of the most iconic PlayStation games coming to GOG will soon be available on their platform. This represents a milestone, in the gaming industry as it brings together console and PC gamers.

Sony, renowned for its PlayStation titles embarked on the process of adapting its games for PC years ago. Initially these games were first launched on Steam. Subsequently made available on GOG. A prime example is “Horizon Zero Dawn,” which debuted on Steam in August 2020 and later became accessible on GOG in November of the year. Following this trend “Days Gone” was introduced to PC gamers through Steam in May 2021. Became available, on GOG by October.

While there have been mixed reviews regarding the quality of Sony’s PC ports, with “Horizon” receiving accolades and “The Last of Us Part 1” facing some challenges, the upcoming PlayStation games coming to GOG promise a seamless experience. Both “God of War” and “Uncharted; Legacy of Thieves Collection” had debuts, on PC, which means that GOG users are in for a real treat.

PlayStation Games Coming to GOG

The release of “God of War” (2018) was a turning point for the series. It not brought back the Kratos but also introduced his son, Atreus revealing a more complex side to the Spartan warrior. On the hand “The Legacy of Thieves Collection” is a gem for fans of Uncharted combining the essence of both “Uncharted 4” and “Lost Legacy” into one thrilling package.

That’s not all there is to be excited about. Sony has more, in store for PC gamers. The anticipated release is the “Horizon Forbidden West; Complete Edition,” set to launch in 2024. This edition will include both the game and the captivating “Burning Shores” DLC.

With these PlayStation games coming to GOG, the future looks promising for gamers. Whether you’re a supporter of PlayStation or an ardent PC gamer there’s anticipation, for all enthusiasts.


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