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How A Team Completed All 80,000 Levels in Super Mario Maker

Team 0% pulled off the unthinkable by clearing all 80k levels.

When the creative level designer game Super Mario Maker launched in 2015, no one could have predicted the immense volume of levels that would be uploaded by players. Over time, the number of untouched levels grew to a daunting 80,000. That’s when a group called Team 0% set themselves the unbelievable goal of beating every single level in the game before it shut down.

Led by organizer Jeffie, the team slowly chipped away at the pile of unbeaten levels. Through meticulous tracking and organizing spreadsheets, they whittled the number down. But as they cleared levels, more were constantly being created by the active Super Mario Maker community. It seemed like an impossible task. The team enlisted more skilled players and devoted countless hours practicing tricky level techniques.

With Time Running Out, The Final Push

Super Mario Maker

When Nintendo made the announcement, about shutting down the Super Mario Maker servers within a months Team 0% kicked into gear. They had to tackle to 100 levels each day to meet their deadline. The remaining levels were incredibly challenging often requiring jumps and lengthy runs without any errors. Through their teamwork and determination they successfully conquered all but the two levels.

However one of those two levels turned out to be a trick. Its creator confessed to using tool assisted speedrunning techniques to make it unfairly tough. Yet once they triumphed over that level Team 0% had accomplished what seemed impossible; clearing every user created level throughout the seven year lifespan of Super Mario Maker. Their commitment and collaboration in overcoming, than 80,000 levels in the beloved platforming game Super Mario Maker will be remembered as one of gamings extraordinary achievements.


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