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Helldivers 2 Drives UK March Game Sales Up 26%

Helldivers 2 has shown strong legs since its release, continuing to place near the top of the charts.

Sony’s Helldivers 2 managed to achieve an impressive feat in the UK during March, holding onto the #1 spot in the charts for a second consecutive month. According to the latest sales data from GSD, over 3.65 million games were sold across PC and consoles during March, representing a 26% rise year-on-year. Helldivers 2 has shown strong legs since its release, continuing to place near the top of the charts on a weekly basis.

With over eight weeks on the market now, Helldivers 2’s sales are tracking ahead of where Sony’s previous big hitter Spider-Man 2 was at the same stage. While the two games are quite different in terms of genre, price point and platforms, it demonstrates the ongoing popularity that Helldivers 2 is enjoying with players. The co-op shooter continues to captivate audiences and drive the market as a whole. Other top performers in March included Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, both new Japanese RPG releases.

How is Helldivers 2 Performing Compared To Other Sony Releases?

Helldivers 2

When compared to Sony’s previous blockbuster Spider-Man 2 title, Helldivers 2’s sales trajectory is trending higher after matching weeks on the market. Its ongoing sales dominance suggests the cooperative gameplay and regular content updates are keeping players engaged over extended periods. While Spider-Man benefited from a higher price point and sole PS5 availability, Helldivers 2 being available across more platforms including PC seems to be boosting its install base and player retention rates in its crucial opening months.

The ongoing popularity of Helldivers 2 served to lift the entire UK games market during March. Its front-runner status shows no signs of slowing as it leads the charge to another monthly sales increase. With more content planned and a dedicated community, Helldivers 2 may well continue propelling the market during what can be slower spring months ahead as other titles aim to dethrone its throne.


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