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Cities Skylines 2 Modding Goes Big with Paradox Tools

Paradox unveils the future of Cities Skylines 2 modding.

Paradox Interactive recently announced that Cities Skylines 2 is set to receive mod support features thanks, to the introduction of in game creation tools on March 25th. A developer diary outlined how the upcoming modding beta will empower players to design enhancements ranging from map alterations to code adjustments within the game client.

Players will be able to share their creations on Paradoxs mod platform, where they can access an array of user generated content to enrich their city building adventures. Moreover the platform will facilitate one playsets” that group together selected mods for effortless installation. Further enhancements in asset editing capabilities are slated for release, over the course of 2024.

Empowering Community Creativity

Cities Skylines 2 Modding

Colossal Order CEO, Mariina Hallikainen expressed that modding plays a role, in the essence of Cities; Skylines. She mentioned that launching the Modding Beta will be a turning point for Cities Skylines 2. Hallikainen recognized the player communitys contribution to shaping the games lasting appeal and success. The new modding systems aim to make it simple for creators to share their visions while ensuring players can easily access a flow of fresh content.

To provide an in depth understanding of the Paradox Mods platform and the diverse modding capabilities available at launch three developer diaries will be released. These diaries will cover map editing and code modifications offering players a glimpse into the tools soon to be at their disposal. As official mod support becomes imminent the potential for creativity in Cities Skylines 2 seems poised for growth thanks to efforts, between developers and dedicated players.


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