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Can Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Finish Early?

Modern Warfare 3 Campaign wraps up in 3-4 hours!

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement, over the news surrounding the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign. Players who got access have made a discovery; it’s possible to complete the campaign in a relatively short time of 3 to 4 hours. This revelation comes right after the campaign was released for order customers of the digital edition, a whole week before the official game launch.

Renowned Call of Duty streamer Marley13 has added credibility to these claims by finishing the campaign in four hours. This playthrough time is notably shorter when compared to its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2 which took players an average of eight hours to complete based on data from HowLongToBeat.

In the history of Call of Duty campaigns there has been some variation in their duration. While several titles have offered around 6 to 7 hours of gameplay the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign seems to be setting a trend for mainline COD games with its brevity. A notable exception in this series is Call of Duty; Black Ops 4 which completely omitted a campaign due to challenges and player feedback.

Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

The revelation that players can finish the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign quickly has sparked discussions across platforms, like Twitter. Some players have pointed out that they appreciate the brevity of the campaign while others have expressed concerns, about the open combat missions. These missions introduce players to expansive, maps, which’s a departure from the traditional linear gameplay of Call of Duty.

There are rumors suggesting that the games concise nature may be due to its design. Reports indicate that this years Call of Duty was initially intended to be a continuation of Modern Warfare 2. However plans.

What was originally meant to be an expansion for Modern Warfare 2 became its own standalone game. Insiders have shared that Activision aimed to create a game that felt both independent and an extension of Modern Warfare 2. The Modern Warfare 3 Campaign promises a gaming experience, in a condensed format. Whether this shorter campaign duration is seen as an negative aspect largely depends on preference.


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