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Activision Unveils Elsewhere Entertainment, a Groundbreaking Polish Studio

Elsewhere Entertainment, Activision's new narrative powerhouse.

In a thrilling announcement Activision has introduced its powerhouse studio, Elsewhere Entertainment, located in Poland. This exceptional team is dedicated to a objective; creating an innovative narrative focused AAA franchise that will revolutionize genres and captivate gamers on a global scale.

From the beginning Elsewhere Entertainment has been carefully established as a sanctuary fostering an environment that ignites daring ideas and encourages unrestricted collaboration. The core mission? To build a lasting legacy that extends beyond gaming by delivering storytelling and immersive world building.

Featuring a group of storytelling experts many, with backgrounds in franchises such, as The Last of Us Uncharted, The Witcher, Cyberpunk, Destiny and Far Cry Elsewhere Entertainment is set to push boundaries. Backed by Activisions resources this studio is embarking on a journey to redefine the possibilities in interactive entertainment.

A Siren Call for Visionary Talent

Activision Unveils Elsewhere Entertainment

As Elsewhere Entertainment enhances its production capabilities they are currently conducting a search, for talents, in the industry. They are inviting storytellers, artists and innovators who’re willing to explore frontiers in the world of video game experiences.

In the months anticipate exciting previews of the worlds being carefully developed by Elsewhere Entertainment. Prepare yourself for a journey where reality merges with imagination and the traditional definition of a “game” is transformed.


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