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Hacker’s Claim Of “Fun” Causes Chaos At The Apex Legends Tournament

Hacker disrupted Apex Legends tournament finals "just for fun".

The finals of the highly anticipated North American Apex Legends tournament was thrown into chaos after a hacker disrupted the competition. Known as Destroyer2009 the hacker managed to breach security and manipulate two players in the finals granting them advantages and undermining the integrity of the tournament. EA and Respawn had no option but to cancel the finals citing “compromised fairness.”

In a surprising turn of events, Destroyer2009 revealed in an interview that he was behind the hack. He boldly claimed that he disrupted the Apex Legends tournament finals “just for fun”. The hacker expressed a desire to leverage the viewership of the finals to shed light on the security weaknesses within Apex Legends. Yet his actions ended up causing a standstill in the competition.

The Hacker’s Justification And The Aftermath

Apex Legends Tournament

Destroyer2009 attempted to explain his actions by stating that he chose not to inform Respawn and EA about the security flaw because they do not provide rewards, for discovering issues. He refused to disclose the specifics of the hack. Insisted that it was unrelated to the server. There were suspicions regarding Easy Anti Cheats role in enabling the vulnerability. Subsequently Respawn implemented security enhancements to strengthen safeguards, for Apex Legends in instances.

While the hacker’s intentions of exposing issues can be understood, his methods have been boldly criticized for severely disrupting the fairness of the prestigious Apex Legends tournament and damaging the esports ecosystem. In the efforts to enhance security measures people are eager to witness the impact of this incident, on the landscape of Apex Legends.


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