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Enter the Dragon’s Lair: Wyrmspan, the Wingspan-Inspired Board Game

Dive into the dragon realm with the board game Wyrmspan!

There’s a rising star, in the world of board games called Wyrmspan. Stonemaier Games, the publisher behind the Wingspan recently announced this game that promises to take players on an extraordinary adventure. Wyrmspan isn’t your game; it’s a thrilling journey where majestic dragons dominate the skies.

Created by Connie Vogelmann, who is renowned for her work on Apiary Wyrmspan is a game designed for one to five players that captures the essence of Wingspan but with a twist. Of birds players will find themselves immersed in a world where dragons reign supreme. Elizabeth Hargrave, the genius, behind Wingspan has contributed her expertise to develop Wyrmspan ensuring a combination of familiarity and innovation.

Building Your Dragon Sanctuary


As you explore the realm of Wyrmspan you find yourself immersed in the captivating world of dragons, where these majestic creatures freely soar across the skies in sizes and colors. Your objective? To construct a sanctuary that will serve as a haven, for these beings. At the beginning of the game your sanctuary already has three excavated areas; the Crimson Cavern, the Golden Grotto and the Amethyst Abyss. As you progress in the game you will expand your sanctuary attract dragons and combine their abilities to gain favor from the esteemed Dragon Guild.

While drawing inspiration from Wingspans mechanics Wyrmspan boasts its features that set it apart. The game offers a level of complexity that presents a challenge for experienced players while still remaining accessible to newcomers. The artwork plays a role in any board game experience and in Wyrmspans case it is truly breathtaking. French artist Clementine Campardou has masterfully brought this dragon filled world to life through her watercolor paintings immersing players further into this fantastical realm.

Wyrmspan is scheduled for release on Stonemaier Games website at the end of January followed by its availability at stores, towards March. This game not builds upon Wingspans success. Also introduces an exciting new chapter to the world of board gaming. Are you someone who enjoys gameplay, captivating artwork or the timeless fascination of dragons? Wyrmspan offers an experience that will truly captivate and excite you. Are you prepared to embark on a journey, into the world of dragons and create your sanctuary in the sky?


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