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Wear OS Woes: Will Mobvoi and OnePlus Fill the Void Left by Fossil?

As major players like Fossil exit the Wear OS smartwatch space, can Mobvoi and OnePlus pick up the pieces?

The recent news that Fossil is discontinuing the production of Wear OS smartwatches has created a gap, in the market. Being one of the supporters of Googles platform over the years their exit comes as a setback. Fossil was known for its range of watches under various brands. While not always the most advanced they served as an option for users. However issues like software support and platform inconsistencies eventually took their toll.

With tech giants like Samsung and Google prioritizing their ecosystems it has become increasingly challenging, for third party manufacturers using Wear OS. While Mobvoi and OnePlus are stepping up to fill the void both face challenges in trying to replicate what Fossil provided.

Can Anyone Fill Fossil’s Shoes?

Wear OS Woes Will Mobvoi and OnePlus Fill the Void Left by Fossil 1

Mobvois TicWatch series has garnered a following. Faces challenges, in staying current. Customers have expressed frustration due to update delays and missing features. While OnePlus debut smartwatch impressed with its specifications its singular design may limit its appeal. Fossil lacks the platform functionality and diverse brand portfolio that both Mobvoi and OnePlus lack.

With the departure of the remaining platform option doubts linger about whether any company can replicate Fossils success in supporting Wear OS. While Mobvoi and OnePlus show potential they each have constraints that could hinder them from emerging as an alternative. Unless there are changes, in how Google supports third party companies the future looks uncertain for those looking to compete beyond the Samsung Google partnership.


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