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Versus Evil Shuts Down Lays Off Staff Just Before Christmas

In a startling announcement, Versus Evil shuts down, marking the end of its decade-long presence in the indie gaming scene. The company has gained a lot of recognition for its contribution, to the popularity of games like The Banner Saga and Pillars of Eternity. The unexpected closure during the holiday season has caused quite a stir, within the gaming community. It’s surprising considering that Atari had recently invested $2 million in its parent company, tinyBuild.

The decision to Versus Evil shuts down is not just a corporate closure; it’s a significant blow to its dedicated team and the broader indie gaming world. Lance James, who used to be, in charge of production recently shared his thoughts on the conclusion of a journey. The sudden job loss faced by the team during the holiday season adds a touch of sadness, to this situation.

The Impact of the Shutdown

Versus Evil Shuts Down

With the Versus Evil shuts down, thirteen skilled employees find themselves navigating the uncertain waters of job hunting. This incident is an indication of the trends seen in the gaming industry, where companies, like tinyBuild are forced to take drastic measures to cut costs, such as laying off employees. The closure of Versus Evil reflects the challenges faced by the industry as tinyBuild had recently expanded by acquiring Versus Evil and its development subsidiary, Red Cerberus.

This year has been particularly challenging for the video game industry with 9,000 job cuts reported. The shutdown of Versus Evil serves as a reminder of the instability and uncertain nature of employment, within this sector. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve the closure of Versus Evil reminds us of the often harsh realities that exist in this business.


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