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Valve’s Upcoming Hero Shooter “Deadlock” Leaks, Sparking Confusion

Valve's upcoming hero shooter, Deadlock, has been leaking all over the internet, sparking confusion among fans.

Valve, the company known for the Half Life and Portal series has been quietly developing a game named Deadlock. Despite their efforts to keep it a secret information, about the game has been trickling out from sources sparking curiosity and confusion among fans.

From what has been revealed Deadlock seems to be a team based hero shooter with elements of MOBA and tower defense presented in a third person perspective. The game is said to offer 19 characters, each with their set of abilities and gameplay styles. Its visual style combines steampunk and fantasy elements featuring maps with MOBA pathways enemies to defeat and rails similar, to those seen in Bioshock Infinite.

Mixed Reactions from Fans

Valve's Upcoming Hero Shooter Deadlock Leaks Sparking Confusion

The response, to the Valve game, Deadlock has been quite varied despite the anticipation it brings. Some fans seem puzzled by the games direction noting that the hero shooter genre may not be as trendy as before. Moreover there are doubts about the games style without any intellectual property attached to it; many were hoping for a new installment in Valves well known franchises like Half Life or Portal.

Nevertheless there are still those who hold onto hope for Deadlock highlighting Valves reputation for delivering top notch games. Although Valves track record with multiplayer games has been inconsistent in the past fans are optimistic that their game development expertise will shine in this project. As details, about Deadlock emerge it remains to be seen how Valve will respond to the feedback and concerns surrounding their hero shooter.


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