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The Fortnite Update Brings Back Midas and Unvaults the Drum Gun

New quests from Midas and the return of the Drum Gun in the latest Fortnite update.

Epic Games has launched another major Fortnite update today (March 19th) with patch v29.01. This new update has big changes for fans of the game, most notably the return of the popular villain Midas. With Midas back, that means new quests to complete from the man with the golden touch. The update also unvaults one of the most iconic weapons, the Drum Gun.

As part of the new Fortnite update, Midas has five new quest chains players can work through called The Rise of Midas. These quests will be available over the next couple weeks and include rewards like the Rose of Avarice back bling. Midas is also bringing his Floor is Lava limited time mode, with its own quests and cosmetic rewards.

New Weapons and Items

Fortnite Update

In addition to Midas and his quests, the Fortnite update has added some new toys to play with on the island. The first is the Chains of Hades, a new melee weapon to get up close and personal with. There is also a new defensive item called the Shield Bubble Jr to help you survive fights. But perhaps most exciting is the unvaulting of the Drum Gun, a spray-and-pray weapon that was wildly popular before being vaulted.

As with any major Fortnite update, there were also bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements. The development team addressed issues with certain shotguns and mythic items not functioning properly. While the patch notes don’t cover other modes, dataminers have found content being added to modes like Fortnite Creative as well. It seems this new update has something for players of all types on the island.


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