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Score The Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee

Get hours of post-apocalyptic adventure exploring the Mojave Wasteland in the Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition for a steal.

Gamers looking for a bargain will want to take note. The beloved Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition can currently be scored on PC via Fanatical for a mere $5.79. That’s right, less than the price of your average cup of coffee you can embark on an epic open-world adventure through the irradiated Mojave Wasteland.

With the Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition, you get not only the full base game but also all four major story expansions: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road. These critically acclaimed DLC add dozens of hours of additional content to an already massive game. For under $6, it’s one of the best deals in gaming right now.

Is The Fallout TV Series Whetting Your Appetite For More Post-Nuke Action?

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition

For those fans just finishing up the new Amazon Prime Fallout television series and craving more time in the wasteland, look no further than the Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition. As the follow up to Obsidian’s acclaimed RPG, it builds upon everything people loved about Fallout 3 while taking the franchise to new heights with its choice-driven story and fleshed out factions.

Whether you’re a series veteran or wasteland newcomer, the Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition is an absolute steal at its current low price. So grab your vault suit and pip boy, the epic post-apocalyptic adventure calling from the Mojave Wasteland for less than a cup of coffee. What are you waiting for?


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