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Ubisoft’s Tactical Evolution: The Division 3 on the Horizon

Ubisoft has officially announced "The Division 3", a continuation of its renowned tactical shooter series. Julian Gerighty steps up as the executive producer, hinting at expansive plans for the franchise's future.

Ubisoft has again grabbed the attention of gamers worldwide with their reveal of ‘The Division 3’. Surprisingly this announcement was not accompanied by a trailer or a big event. Rather hidden within a corporate press release. The main focus of the release was the appointment of Julian Gerighty, as the producer for the popular Division series.

The Division franchise, renowned for its captivating storylines and thrilling gameplay began its journey in 2016 with ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’. Set in the bustling streets of New York City the game revolved around a attack that triggered the activation of highly skilled Division agents.

Armed with cutting edge weaponry these agents embarked on a mission to restore order and peace in the city. Following its success ‘The Division 2’ took players to Washington, DC carrying on the legacy established by its predecessor.

The Division 3

Despite having two games already released in this series fans are eagerly awaiting more. With the announcement of ‘The Division 3’ Ubisoft has demonstrated their commitment to this franchise and hinted at exciting prospects for further expansion, within the immersive world of The Division.

Julian Gerighty, who played roles in creating both games now takes charge as head honcho of all things related to The Division brand.

Fans are highly anticipating the vision that he has, for ‘The Division 3’ and other projects in the universe. Ubisoft has also confirmed that Massive Entertainment is involved in developing the game.

While there is not information about ‘The Division 3’ Gerightys statement brings a glimmer of hope to fans. He mentioned that the franchise is still in its years with incredible stories, unexplored places and people to protect.

Apart from ‘The Division 3’ Ubisoft has hinted at projects like ‘The Division; Resurgence’ and ‘The Division; Heartland’. These titles promise gameplay experiences ranging from warfare to survival in rural settings.

As Ubisoft continues to expand the world of The Division fans over the world are eagerly awaiting the exciting chapter, in this captivating saga.


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