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The Division 2: DLC Delay Extends Wait to 2025

The Division 2 fans face a longer wait for the next DLC.

Attention, fans of The Division 2 get ready, for some news. The anticipated story DLC, which was originally planned for a release in mid 2024 has been delayed. This information was revealed during the Project Resolve livestream by the team at Massive who’re responsible for The Division 2. Unfortunately this means that the DLC, which is part of the Year 6 content won’t be available until 2025.

So why the delay? Well it seems that the team has decided to prioritize improving the quality of Project Resolve. As a result of this shift in focus the DLC that was supposed to wrap up the Year 5 cycle has been moved to Season 3 of Year 6 instead. This change in plans is quite significant for The Division 2s roadmap. Can be quite disappointing, for fans awaiting fresh content.

Project Resolve Takes Center Stage

The Division 2

As we delve deeper into the delay it becomes evident that Project Resolve has become the focus. This initiative aims to enhance the gaming experience encompassing both PvE and PvP aspects. Anticipate improvements such, as weapon upgrades and real time recalibrations. These enhancements are scheduled to roll out during the season of Year 5 with a testing phase on PC through the PTS.

The delay encompasses more than the DLC; it also affects the overhaul of seasons 2.0 which is now postponed until Year 6. It’s a pill to swallow but serves as a reminder that development resources have limitations. The positive aspect? Massive is fully dedicated to improving The Division 2 ensuring its lasting enjoyment.

While 2025 may seem distant with anticipated titles like GTA 6 on the horizon fans of The Division 2 have something significant to look forward to. Although waiting for the DLC might be lengthy it promises to be worthwhile. In the meantime lets maintain our optimism and keep our expectations, in check!


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