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Technical Troubles Behind Bars: Prison Architect 2 Delayed Again

Double Eleven revealed memory issues and crashes needed fixing.

Fans who have been eagerly anticipating the release of Prison Architect 2 have faced a year as developers Double Eleven recently announced another delay, for the awaited management sim sequel. The new launch date is now set for September 3rd due to obstacles marking the third postponement for the game.

Initially slated for release in March 2024 Prison Architect 2 had garnered excitement among fans looking forward to diving, into the world of prison planning and population management. However complications arose during the certification process necessitating development time to address them. Subsequently ongoing technical issues have continued to impact the games progress.

What’s Causing the Problems Behind Bars?

Prison Architect 2

In an update Double Eleven shared some of the challenges that have been causing delays, for Prison Architect 2. Issues related to memory usage and system requirements led to instability and frequent crashes. While they were able to address some of these issues new technical hurdles continued to arise on all platforms. The additional time will be used by the team to fine tune features. Ensure that Prison Architect 2 launches with the stability.

Fans eagerly anticipating the release of Prison Architect 2 will have to wait a bit. Double Eleven believes that investing time now to resolve issues will result in a seamless experience, in the future. The studio intends to offer insights into their progress through developer streams and diaries before players can finally dive into the game in September 2024.


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