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Surgeon Simulator Developer Bossa Studios Reduces Staff by One Third

Bossa Studios' Tough Decision: Staff Cuts Amid Challenges

Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios has recently faced a challenging situation, leading to the difficult decision of laying off a third of its workforce. The game studio, based in London and renowned for its inventive games such, as Surgeon Simulator faced a series of circumstances that forced them to make this unfortunate decision.

In the ever-evolving world of game development, Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios has hit a rough patch. The company, which has always been, at the forefront of creating gaming experiences recently made an announcement about laying off around 19 employees. The affected employees are mainly from QA and production roles with a few non UK staff members impacted. This decision has had an impact on one third of their team.

Henrique Olifiers, co founder of Bossa Studios attributed this setback to a combination of rising costs delays in funding and a shift in the gaming industrys focus towards AAA titles. These factors have created an environment for independent game studios, like Bossa resulting in what Olifiers describes as a “difficult situation.”

Navigating Through Stormy Weathers

Surgeon Simulator Developer Bossa Studios

Despite the challenges, Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios remains committed to its current project, Lost Skies. The studio is undergoing a transformation to concentrate its efforts, on this venture with the hope of navigating through these times. Olifiers expressed regret about the job cuts. Acknowledged the pain of seeing close colleagues depart. He emphasized the studios commitment to supporting those affected and encouraged others in the industry to consider these professionals for opportunities.

Olifiers sentiments echo a pattern, in the gaming industry, where 2023 has been a year of contrasts. Marked by game releases but also significant staff reductions. This contrast underscores the nature of the gaming industry, where success and hardship often coexist.


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