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Street Fighter 6 Fireball Fix Needed for Upcoming Season

Slow fireballs in Street Fighter 6 allow characters to easily skip neutral with Drive Rush.

With Season 2 of Street Fighter 6 right around the corner, players have been discussing changes they hope to see to character moves and mechanics. One issue that top player MC Mura directly addresses is neutral-skipping fireballs in Street Fighter 6.

Certain characters like Chun-Li, Juri and A.K.I. have fireballs that move slower horizontally. When paired with Drive Rush, this allows them to set up situations where defenders have very limited options. Jumping over or contesting the fireball usually fails, and parrying often leads to disadvantage. Essentially, these characters can spend just one or two Drive Gauges to completely bypass neutral interactions and go straight to mix-ups.

Potential Solutions

Street Fighter 6

MC Mura proposes a solution to deal with this issue by suggesting that considering a Drive Rush cancel, from a blocked fireball as having a three gauge cost of one could be beneficial. This adjustment wouldn’t alter the effectiveness of the strategy. Might reduce its impact on the opponent. Some individuals argue that adjustments to fireball speeds or characteristics may be necessary for characters. Ultimately the Street Fighter 6 development team will need to examine this matter in preparation for the major balance update.

To sum up maintaining balance in fireball gameplay is crucial, in 2D fighting games. Allowing Street Fighter 6 characters to easily bypass this element through projectiles and Drive Rush mechanics poses a risk to the games equilibrium and enjoyment unless modifications are made. It is anticipated that Season 2 will introduce changes to address this issue and enhance the gaming experience.


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