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Street Fighter 6 Akuma’s Move List Revealed

Street Fighter fans get their first detailed look at Akuma's move list in the upcoming Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter veteran Akuma is all set to be a part of the lineup, in Street Fighter 6 as content. Thanks to access creators have delved into Akumas move arsenal. Their discoveries shed light on the move set of one of the characters in fighting games.

Akumas basic attacks such, as punches and kicks perform as anticipated. Yet gamers will come across nuances in his moves and command normals. His fireballs now offer the ability to be charged for power levels. The classic Dragon Punch and Hurricane Kick make a comeback too. Noteworthy is the enhancement made to Akumas Demon Flip technique now featuring up choices.

A Deeper Look at the Demon’s Techniques

Street Fighter 6 Akuma's Move List Revealed

Tyrant_UK went into detail about Akumas moves breaking down every special and super move, with the corresponding inputs. This provided a glimpse into the demons array of attacks. The breakdown covered both techniques and new moves including target combos and an enhanced Demon Flip. Even Akumas iconic Raging Demon move maintains its input in Classic Mode.

With early reviews delving into Akumas move set fans of Street Fighter now have a good understanding of the threat posed by this seasoned fighter. When he becomes available as content (DLC) players will get to test out his range of abilities firsthand. Until then they’ll be eagerly anticipating his arrival. Looking forward to battles, against this legendary Street Fighter adversary.


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