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Steam Next Fest Top Demos Revealed

Discover the top demos from Steam Next Fest now!

Valves recent gaming event, Steam Next Fest has made a lasting impact, on the gaming community. The fest showcased a range of game demos, from open world RPGs to enchanting fantasy crafting simulators. As the event concluded Valve revealed the game demos offering insights into players preferences.

One standout among them was Enshrouded, a PC game developed by Keen Games (known for Portal Knights). It combines elements of the captivating Elden Ring and the intricate crafting mechanics of Rust. If you’re eager for a sneak peek you can still try out the demo until Sunday, October 22.

Steam Next Fest

Another gem that won over hearts was Sky Children of the Light on Steam. Crafted by Thatgamecompany (creators of Journey) it provides a heartwarming MMO experience centered around exploration. The good news is that the demo is still available for everyone to enjoy!

For fans waiting for more Deep Rock Galactic content there’s something exciting in store! Deep Rock Galactic Survivor promises an exhilarating roguelike experience inspired by intense bullet hell games, like Vampire Survivors.

Both movie lovers and gamers were buzzing with excitement, about RoboCop Rogue City. Developed by Teyon, this first person shooter pays homage to the RoboCop trilogy from the 1980s. While the demo phase has come to an end you can still explore Valves collection of the popular demos from the festival on Steam.

Steam Next Fest showcased how gaming is constantly evolving. With a wealth of demos available it’s a treasure trove, for any gamer out there.. If you’re looking for gaming experiences don’t forget to check out the top PC games of the year. Dive in. Let the fun begin!


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