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Starfield’s Unexpected Stumble on Steam Ratings

Starfield's Steam score lags, surprising Bethesda fans.

Bethesdas newest space adventure, ‘Starfield’ has taken a turn when it comes to Steam reviews. Despite the excitement and anticipation surrounding its release the games ratings haven’t quite lived up to the reputation of Bethesdas titles.

Based on aggregated scores, from Steam DB Starfields user reviews have given it a rating of 71.72%. This places the space RPG below Fallout 76 which stands at 71.76%. To put things in perspective Fallout 76 faced criticism upon its launch due to bugs and performance issues. This comparison has left fans puzzled considering the expectations set for Starfield.

When compared to Bethesda classics Starfields ratings become even more perplexing. Titles like Fallout 4 Skyrim and Fallout 3 boast scores of 81.88%, 93.88% and 78.52% respectively. Older gems like The Elder Scrolls Oblivion (93.76%) and Morrowind (93.14%) have received positive feedback from users than Starfield has managed so far. The only title that Starfield managed to surpass in ratings was Fallout 4 VR with its score of 60.92% on Steam DB.


However it’s not all doom and gloom, for Starfield as there is still a player base despite the reviews. Bethesda recently announced that Starfield has already attracted, than 10 million players within the three weeks since its launch.

This achievement solidifies its position as Bethesdas release to date. Moreover according to the data Starfield continues to be one of the ten most popular games on Steam attracting a staggering 141,000 players in just one day.

Although there may be differing opinions about the games ratings the high number of players clearly indicates an interest, in Starfield. It remains uncertain whether Bethesda will address any feedback or if the games ratings will improve over time.

For those who are still exploring the universe of Starfield there is a wealth of guides and mods to enhance their gaming experience. Whether its ship guides or mod recommendations the active and engaged Starfield community is always ready to support space explorers.


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