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Starfield Mod Revolutionizes In-Game Space Travel

Starfield Mod transforms in-game space voyages.

Starfield has always captivated space exploration enthusiasts, in the world of gaming. However one major downside has been its failure to deliver space travel. Of immersing players in an engaging experience the game relies on cutscenes and loading screens, which ultimately take away, from its core essence. Enter the Starfield Mod, a game-changer that promises to redefine in-game space travel.

One of the criticisms of Starfield revolves around how it depicts space travel. Of offering an experience players are presented with cutscenes that serve as loading screens when transitioning between planets and space. This method constantly reminds players that they are simply moving between levels, within the game than truly exploring the vastness of space.

However, a solution is on the horizon. A modder named 105gun has introduced the aptly named Starfield Mod, “Slower Than Light – Fly in a Star System,” available on Nexus Mods. This mod has been designed to address the limitations of space travel, in the game by introducing two enhancements.

Starfield Mod

Firstly it grants players the ability to control their spaceships speed stages using hotkeys. While Starfield does offer some degree of speed control it doesn’t allow players to surpass the flight speed or engage in light speed jumps. With this mod however players can now reach speed enabling travel within a star system without any interruptions, like loading screens or cutscenes.

However this modification does come with its set of difficulties. Even though it allows for speeds that’re hundreds of times” than light it still takes a significant amount of time to actually reach other planets.

Additionally there is the matter of planets not loading enough which the creator of the modification acknowledges as a rudimentary implementation currently. For now, the Starfield Mod only supports travel to planets within the same star system and doesn’t allow for landing on planet surfaces.

Despite these limitations there is still reason to be optimistic. The creator of the mod is eagerly anticipating the release of Bethesdas Creation Kit, which will offer modding tools. This addition will likely enable better integration of the Starfield Mod into the game, enhancing the overall space travel experience.

The Starfield Mod is a promising step towards a more immersive space exploration experience in Starfield. The gaming community is eagerly anticipating improvements. This mod creates an atmosphere that truly immerses players in an authentic interstellar adventure.


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