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Star Wars Hunters: A Thrilling Shooter Hindered by Limited Platforms

Star Wars Hunters offers fast-paced shooter action but is limited to Switch and mobile.

Star Wars Hunters, the game, in the Star Wars gaming world has finally been released after a three year wait. This free to play shooter, similar to games like Overwatch and Valorant brings the thrill of paced team based battles to the Star Wars universe. However some fans may feel disappointed as the game is currently only available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

In Star Wars Hunters players will find a setup where two teams of five characters face off on maps and game modes. While it may not be as intricate as games in this genre it still offers an action packed gaming experience. The inclusion of characters like a Jedi and two Jawas dressed in a trenchcoat brings a fun and quirky element, to the Star Wars universe.

Accessibility and Star Wars Flair

Star Wars Hunters A Thrilling Shooter Hindered by Limited Platforms

Star Wars Hunters stands out for its user friendliness. It’s simple to get the hang of with controls and short gaming sessions that make it ideal, for play on the move. The game includes popular Star Wars features like loved weapons and characters sure to please fans of the series.

While the gameplay is enjoyable Star Wars Hunters faces challenges with its availability on platforms. It struggles to maintain a performance on the Nintendo Switch during intense moments leading to blurry visuals. On devices however the game runs smoothly with better settings and framerates. Although there are in game purchases they are not overly obtrusive. Might still raise concerns, for some players. Nonetheless the addition of a mode allowing players to freely try out all characters is a feature.


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