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Star Wars Game Now Under $2 for PC Gamers

Star Wars game deal: Epic adventure for just $2 on Steam!

Have you heard the news? If you happen to be a PC gamer, with a Steam account there’s a deal waiting for you. Currently you can grab one of the Star Wars games available called Star Wars; Squadrons for just $2! This game is a thrill as it allows you to take control of the starfighters in the entire galaxy.

No matter if you’re on the Jedi or Sith side Star Wars; Squadrons offers something for everyone. Picture yourself cruising through space engaging in exhilarating dogfights and immersing yourself in a captivating story that rivals any blockbuster Star Wars movie. Released in 2020 this game quickly became a fan favorite due, to its gameplay and breathtaking visuals.

The Galactic Bargain of the Year

Star Wars Game

But hold on there’s more! This isn’t any Star Wars game; it’s a space simulation that perfectly captures the sensation of being, in a genuine Star Wars battle. You’ll have the opportunity to pilot the X Wings. If you’re feeling a bit tempted by the dark side hop into a TIE Fighter. The game is set immediately after “Return of the Jedi “. Its filled with thrilling action and exciting adventures. Critics absolutely adored it for its perspective from the Imperial side.

The excitement doesn’t end with the single player story. Star Wars; Squadrons offers a multiplayer mode that allows you to engage in space battles against your friends.. If you happen to own a VR headset brace yourself for an experience. The VR mode, in this Star Wars game is unbelievably immersive transporting you into the heart of the galaxy.


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