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Star Wars Eclipse: Quantic Dream’s Development Journey Continues

Star Wars Eclipse development heats up at Quantic Dream.

Star Wars Eclipse, the much-anticipated game from Quantic Dream, is currently in a “simmering” phase, as revealed by the studio. This anticipated title, which was unveiled to the gaming community during The Game Awards in 2021 has kept fans awaiting further information. Taking place in the High Republic era the game promises an experience, for Star Wars enthusiasts.

During the Tokyo Game Show Lisa Pendse, Vice President of Marketing at Quantic Dream shared some insights regarding the progress of the game. Pendse stated, “The game is actively being developed and is progressing steadily. Its taking its time to shape into something “

Star Wars Eclipse is “Simmering”

This statement has sparked curiosity about the stage of development for the game especially considering that Quantic Dreams last major release was “Detroit; Become Human” in 2018. However they have also been involved in publishing titles through collaborations, with indie studios.

Star wars eclipse development

Star Wars Eclipse is not just another action-adventure game. It carries the signature narrative elements that Quantic Dream is renowned for. “The game won’t display a ‘game, over’ screen. Players can look forward to storylines the ability to play as characters and a narrative that adapts based on the choices they make ” Pendse stated. The studio is also focusing on enhancing their gameplay expertise to ensure a gaming experience.

In a development year Quantic Dream became part of NetEase, the Chinese gaming giant. However Pendse assures that this acquisition hasn’t affected the studios freedom. “NetEase respects our game development approach.”  We’ve always launched games when they’re polished and ready, and that’s the plan with Star Wars Eclipse too,” she emphasized. While the gaming community eagerly awaits more updates on Star Wars Eclipse, it’s evident that Quantic Dream is committed to delivering a masterpiece that lives up to the expectations.


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