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Samsung’s Galaxy Book 4 Edge with Snapdragon X Elite Leaks

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Book 4 Edge, powered by Snapdragon X Elite, leaks with a sleek new design.

Samsung is getting ready to release its range of laptops and leaks have unveiled a new addition, to the collection. The Galaxy Book 4 Edge. This sleek and powerful device is poised to become Samsungs laptop fueled by the Snapdragon X Elite processor offering performance and efficiency.

Leaked images of the Galaxy Book 4 Edge have emerged, displaying its lightweight construction in both 14 inch and 16 inch versions. The larger variant, known as the “Pro ” comes equipped with ports and a numeric keypad. Both sizes showcase a silver color scheme, with grey keys departing from Samsungs darker design aesthetics.

Advanced Specs and Features

Samsung's Galaxy Book 4 Edge with Snapdragon X Elite Leaks

The upcoming Galaxy Book 4 Edge is anticipated to arrive with an array of specifications. It is set to include 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD ensuring multitasking and sufficient storage capacity. These laptops will also feature displays with a crisp 3K resolution offering striking visuals, for both work and leisure activities.

Connectivity options on the Galaxy Book 4 Edge will encompass USB C ports, a full size HDMI port and a headphone jack. The 16 inch model will come equipped with a microSD card slot and a USB A port for added flexibility. Notably both versions will sport a Copilot key on the keyboard suggesting the presence of productivity functions.

While specific pricing information remains uncertain at this time previous reports suggest that the Galaxy Book 4 Edge could be priced around €1,800. As excitement mounts for the release technology enthusiasts eagerly anticipate details about Samsungs newest addition, to its laptop range.


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