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Persona 6 Coming to Consoles Old and New

Insiders hint Persona 6 coming to Xbox & Switch.

Industry insiders are hinting that the next installment in the beloved Persona franchise will break from tradition by releasing on multiple platforms. According to reliable leakers Nate the Hate and Midori, Persona 6 will come not only to PlayStation but other consoles as well.

“From what I’ve heard, Persona 6 will indeed be gracing the Xbox with its presence,” said Nate the Hate. “Fans of the series definitely have something to look forward to.” Midori corroborated this, confirming the information and adding the game would launch on “multiple platforms.” While no release date has been set, development is believed to have begun in 2021.

With the series’ recent spin-offs releasing outside Sony’s ecosystem, could the mainline Persona games at last be expanding their audience? Fans have long clamored for the epic RPGs to arrive on Nintendo and Microsoft’s consoles. Now it seems their wishes may be granted with the next numbered entry.

A Whole New Generation of Fans

Persona 6

Atlus has taken steps to broaden Persona’s reach in recent years. Persona 3 and 4 saw new versions on modern consoles and PC. If Persona 6 truly launches simultaneously on PlayStation and Xbox, it could potentially garner a whole new generation of admirers. The series is beloved for its stylish anime aesthetics and life sim gameplay blended with dungeon crawls. Expanding the franchise’s install base could expose it to untapped demographics.

Whether Persona 6 sticks to a high school setting or tries something new remains unknown. But the mere prospect of the game venturing beyond Sony’s platforms has ignited speculation and anticipation. Fans will be watching Atlus closely for any hints about their beloved series’ future – and what new platforms it may someday grace with its unique blend of social links and shadow battles.


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